Personal Insurance

We know that one of the biggest frustrations people have is when they look to take a personal insurance policy but find that none meet their specific requirements. All too often offers of cover are made in a generic, one size fits all way – meaning you’re offered coverage that doesn’t really suit your unique requirements. Our commitment is to ensuring that the policy presented meets all of your needs and expectations.

Our team use their extensive experience in the sector to put together the ideal cover for you. Whilst we provide our services for every aspect of personal insurance, some of the most frequently required forms of coverage we handle are:

  • Contents – Whether you own or rent your place of residence, we’ll assess and provide crucial real term cover for your possessions.
  • Cars – We’ll include every aspect of your vehicle and your driving history to ensure that your unique position is considered.
  • Boat and Caravan Insurance – Despite their popularity many still consider this to be a niche service. We understand all aspects of this form of vehicle ownership in comprehensive terms, making sure you get perfect policy at the right price.
  • Holiday and Travel Cover – When you’re away from home you want complete peace of mind that you’re covered in respect of any eventuality. We make sure that happens, giving you the security of knowing you can relax and enjoy.
  • Building Protection – Coverage for your home based on actual conditions which might affect the property.

The purpose of each type of cover is to give the peace of mind and protection you want for your lifestyle. This is what we make sure you get in place. We don’t believe that you should be offered any form of insurance which either does not cover what you need it to, or otherwise sees you expected to make a change to your way of life. We feel that policies should be and mean exactly what they say, and that’s what we arrange for you.